Thursday, June 12, 2008

Who do You want to rescue You?

Listening to news reports of Boy Scouts in Iowa springing in to action to save their mates I thought about some of the persecution the Scouts have come under. I also thought about the FLDS kids and many of their parents. If you were hurt and trapped from a tornado who would you want around to rescue you? An average US teen? Boy Scout? Teen from FLDS?

There are some terrific teens in the US who are not Scouts and who are not part of the FLDS, but if I needed rescuing I'd hope for a Scout or one of the teens from the FLDS. How about you?

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JP said...

I am FLDS. I worked with a lady who came grieving over her 19 year old son who was severly injured in a motorcycle wreck. We extended to her assistance, kindness and love, and hope for recovery. My wife also noted to her that two of our children at that same age group would be the ones picking him up, as they are trained EMT's and volunteer regularly for service on the ambulance.