Wednesday, June 11, 2008

FLDS: When We Get Restraining Orders Against Our Own Government!

A Judge has issued a well deserved restraining order against Texas' CPS. In her order she stated: “I am not going to allow CPS or any other agency to interfere with parents in this state.”


Can't wait to see what the appeals courts says.

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C.U.T.R. "Clean Up the Registry" Ohio said...

I wonder what this same judge would think of Ohio's HB 111; A bill that expands 'child neglect' to include sex offenders.
This bill, which goes to the senate this fall, would give CPS the right to pull children from their homes, their parents if sex offender resided within the home. Only when the sex offender moves from the home, would the children be returned.
This would mean that my son would never be allowed to have a family and children of his own.
What of the many other offenders like him?
What of the offender's whose offense was over ten years and had never re-offended?
What's next with these laws and restrictions aimed at sex offenders, prosecution? Line them all up and shoot them?
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