Friday, June 26, 2009

It HURTS to Pay Extra!!!

Well, sort of. So I've been doing some research for my next project. Part of this involves finding out what other similar books are already out there, how well are they selling, etc. This morning I stopped in one of my favorite little indy bookshops and inquired about books on my topic and they recommended a great one that I hadn't seen online or in any of the chain bookstores. BUT, they wanted $70 when I can get it from Amazon for $52 w/ free shipping. Little bookstore will have it to me by next Thu (today is Fri), Amazon will have it to me by Mon (for $18 less!).

Well, without my favorite little bookshop I wouldn't have even known this book existed (that is until a publisher asked me why I hadn't included it in my query). As I have numerous times in the past I swallowed and paid extra for the knowledge I'd been the benefactor of from my favorite little bookstore.

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Ryan T. Cragun said...

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Ryan T. Cragun
Assistant Professor of Sociology
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